Listing Policy

For use of our Site and other services, you confirm and declare that you shall not list or post or provide information in relation to the sale or purchase or exchange of goods and services, content or information that are illegal under the laws of the Republic of India or does not breach any copyright, trademarks, registered designs, patents or other intellectual property rights or are not permitted as per the prohibited items policy listed below. reserves the right to remove any prohibited and restricted items including those not on this list if they are considered inappropriate, illegal or are in breach of our Listing Policy. Posting fees (if applicable) are non-refundable.

You are responsible in making sure that you are legally allowed to buy or sell an item. Please find out before Posting.

Prohibited Items Policy

We specifically prohibit any listing or posting of classifieds or information in relation to the following items:

1. Religious items, including books, artifacts, etc. or any information, description of any such item that is likely to affect the religious sentiments of any person or group

2. Electronically transmitting through any medium computer viruses of any type or any computer program that facilitates hacking of a computer system which the intent to damage a computer or computer network or intercept any personal data.

3. Mobile telephone jammers, GPS (Global Positioning System) jammers and mobile telephone boosters must not be listed on Jammers in particular are prohibited devices and cannot be sold or used. The holder / operator of such items may also need to be licensed / qualified prior to using certain frequency bands.

4. Goods to which you are not the legal owner or which you are not otherwise legally entitled to sell must not be listed on

5. Offensive Material intended for use in a sexual setting (including "bondage" and "fetish" items,) displaying sexual activity or portraying human genitalia in a "life-like" or realistic fashion

6. Alcoholic Beverages, Liquor, tobacco products, drugs, psychotropic substances, narcotics, intoxicants of any description, medicines, palliative/curative substances nor shall you provide link directly or indirectly to or include descriptions of items, goods or services that are prohibited under any applicable law for the time being in force including but not limited to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, the Drugs And Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 Narcotic Drug and Prohibited Substances Act and the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

7. Mature Audiences Policy includes films which do not have a certificate for public exhibition issued by the Central Board of Film Certification and or described and depict or otherwise deal with matters which are revolting or repulsive and or tend to deprave a person's mind in such a way that they tend to offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults.

8. Obscene Items includes items which contain an indecent representation of women within the meaning of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986; Any publication or film or item that describes or depicts a minor who is, or who appears to be, under 18 (whether the minor is engaged in sexual activity or not) and any computer games not suitable for minor that are unsuitable for a minor to see or play.

9. Prostitution or any other service in the nature there of that purports to violate the provisions of Immoral Act or Indecent representation of women which violates the contemporary standards of morality and decency in Indian society.

10. "Antiquities" and "Art Treasures" in violation of the provisions of the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 ("the Act")

11. Information or items that is defamatory, libelous, threatening or abusive in nature.

12. Information that is fraudulent, misrepresenting as to the nature and use of the goods or the services.

13. Counterfeit, Pirated and stolen goods or unauthorized illegal services (services for which you are not licensed or permitted to do or do not have the authority to under take).

14. Items, goods and services that infringe or attempt to pass off any third parties intellectual property or rights of publicity or moral rights and or purports' to breach any persons right to privacy.

15. Living, dead person and/or the whole or any part of any human which has been kept or preserved by any means whether artificial or natural including any blood, bodily fluids and/ or body parts.

16. Your information shall not include any hate content, that is derogatory or slanderous in nature that may directed to any individual or group or advocate violence against any users individuals and or animals.

17. Hazardous chemicals and pesticides and/ or items in violation of Hazardous Chemicals Act, 1985.

18. Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives including any material that enables the making of fireworks, explosive triggers and explosive devices.

19. Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information (in any form, including mailing lists)

20. Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines.

21. Items in violation of the Food Adulteration Act, 1954

22. Military or Police Badges, Uniforms, coats-of-arms and or any Government emblems, insignia, and/ or items in violation of Emblems and names (Prevention of improper use) Act, 1950 and/ or Flag Codes of India Act, 2002

23. Weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, tear gas, stun guns, switchblade knives or any other item which is prohibited under the Indian Arms Act, 1959.

24. "Pyramid schemes" and "Multilevel Marketing" and/ or similar scams which are solely listed for the purpose of defrauding users.

25. Spam, abusive, duplicate listing, fraud schemes (e.g. "Lottery" "Promotional Prizes" "work at homes" "Make money in quick way" scams which are solely listed for the purpose of duping users)

26. Inappropriate, Wrong Category is not allowed (e.g. Automobile Ads cannot be posted in Electronics section)

27. Incorrect City / Location of Listing (listing allowed only in the city you are based in, of listing). If your City is not mention in city list, you can post Ads in city closest to you .

28. At present International Listings is not allowed, classified outside India is not permitted in

Consequences of Breach of Listing Policy

Users who violate the prohibited items policy may be subject to the following actions

1. Suspension or termination of membership.

2. Permanent blocking of access to the site.

3. Reporting to Law Enforcement or Appropriate Authorities. is part of